✅When You Get A Collection Call You Need To
* Record The Call
* Dispute The Debt Until They Validate The Debt
* Yes, Ask Them To Validate The Debt, – Have Them Mail You Everything They Have On You
*Demand No Phone Calls To Your Cell, Home Phone, Or To Your Employment Including
* And Especially Not To Call You Using Any Automatic Dialers And No Pre- Recorded Messages,
* Let Them Know Any Calls To You Will Be Deemed As Harassment.

Many Of My Clients Have Sued One Of The Following:
* The Credit Bureaus ( Experian, Transunion, Equifax,)
* Original Creditors
* Debt Collectors/Debt Buyers
And Yes, My Clients Do Get Paid By Them

If They Violate Your Rights And You Don’t Fight Back They Will Do It To You Again & To Someone Else

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Non Attorney Spokesman
Alberto Reyes

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