✅If you are thinking about filing N-400 application online, you NEED to watch this video. We will also go over 2 USCIS system glitches and some potential solutions.
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The application fee for US Citizenship N-400 will increase on Oct 2nd.
Now it’s probably a good time to file your N-400 application.
There are two ways to do that. By mail or online.
Online is much easier. However, there are things you need to be aware of.
In this video, we will go over 10 tips for filing N-400 online and address some USCIS glitches that you might encounter.

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0:00 Introduction
1:12 1. File through the official USCIS website
1:43 2. Secure your online account
2:16 3. Keep your account active
2:37 4. Supporting documents format
3:46 5. Download a copy of your application
4:13 6. Keep your mailing address up-to-date
4:39 7. Fee changes
5:08 8. No fee waiver
5:30 9. Multiple applicants
5:43 10. Enough funding
6:39 BONUS TIP: USCIS glitches and solutions

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