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Student Loan Debt:
A college student on average graduate with over 37,172
Trade job: around 10,000 bucks (3x less)

Salary: Story on the Math on 60k for 16 years = 1million
A college student on average make $50,516
Trade salary can earn between 25,332 ( pause and say Yup that’s what wrong) to 302,440

College Student 53% meaning that more than half cant find a job ( or a job that they didn’t need to go college) It’s like having a Ph.D. and being an uber
Trade jobs have one of the highest job growth in America with some of them experience job growth of over 105%

Tommy, It doesn’t Matter: im going to work while in college so I Won’t take out loans
Great idea but the average student graduates with 37 in debt
Oh and over 80 Percent of student work will go to class but still can’t afford it

Now if you had put the money that you pay for college which on average is
Low end 20770 bucks per year
Which is 1700 bucks a month for four years at a steady 7% return a year, well that about 92,217 dollars down the train.

And the last tip before I tell you the top 7 trade jobs, is that it doesn’t matter how much money you make it matter how much you keep. And having to wait four years instead of 1 or 2 makes a huge difference.

So now here are the top 7 earning trade jobs and don’t worry I included different ones

#1 If you love teeth you can become a Dental Hygienist
Salary: 54,989 meaning in two years you earn what the average college grad makes. By the time they graduate you earned 100k and if you been working part-time ad another 50k
Tip: If you’re passionate about teeth like mom is, and you want to get a job and help people with their oral problem you can do it without a 4-year degree or 8-year degree
Growth: 20% what can I say everyone needs a dentist

#2 if you have attention to detail and are a little strong you can become Plumber
Fun fact I just found out today the word plumber has a B
Salary: 50,349 and if you create your own business it’s limitless
Tip: Imagine being an in demand plumber in the future like uber, I think it’s possible
Growth: 16% not going anywhere a lot of technical skills that machines can’t do YET

#3 If you like computer and website become a web developer
Salary: 58,448
Tip: Go into business for yourself while you work and get business to pay you monthly to run ads and create a website for them. Between 1000-2000 per business owner
Growth: 15%

Honorable mentions
#4 electrition at 55k
#5 Surgical Technologist 47k
#6 Construction managers 49 – 77 dollars per hour
#7 Aircraft mechanic at 31 -45 per hour

My teachers were honestly the worst people to take financial advice from, especially since they were in financial turmoil like “professions who owe 100 of thousand in loans” and have a ton of consumer debt also.


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Jobs: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/best-trade-school-graduate-jobs-4125189
More: https://www.trade-schools.net/articles/highest-paying-jobs-without-degree.asp



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