✅Day 1 – Add $10,000 of available credit to your credit profile

Having a strong credit profile is important in order to truly build your credit properly.

By adding these two credit cards to your credit report, you will be able to take your credit to the next level in order to maximize your approvals.

Visit https://www.creditbuilding.phonesites.com to apply for the 5K credit cards!


This is a 7-day video series that is designed to help you. My goal is that by following all the 7 tricks, that it will add 100 points to your credit score. Even though one trick can possibly add 100 points, my focus is for you to add 100 points to your credit score over 90 days by doing all of these.

If you are looking to get help with fixing your credit, schedule a credit report consultation with one of our Credit Coaches here:

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