✅Dave Van Horn is the President and CEO of PPR Note Co., a company that brings investors unique opportunities to create passive income through investing in real estate notes. He is an expert in the real estate business with over 30 years of experience as licensed Realtor, Real Estate Investor, and Fundraiser.

On this episode, Dave discusses the basic fundamentals of Note Investing including where and how to invest in it. He explains what a note is and how to profit from it. He shares his own venture from the real estate industry to the note business. You may not know what a note is; but after listening to this episode, you will understand how everyone is involved in this business.

Full Show Notes – http://investlikeaboss.com/ilab-84-note-investing-101-dave-van-horn/

Where we are:

Sam – Brazil
Johnny – Chiang Mai


Dave’s Company: Pprnoteco.com
Free ebook: Pprnoteco.com/learn


Rich Dad Poor Dad – http://investlikeaboss.com/richdadpoordad


ILAB 77 – Turney Real Estate Investing vs. REITs – http://investlikeaboss.com/ilab-77-turnkey-real-estate-investing-vs-reits/

Time Stamps:

01:02 – How he got into Note Investing?

08:29 – Buying notes vs. owning physical properties

10:36 – Basic definition of a Note

13:24 – Everyone’s role in the note business

14:20 – First notes he got involved in

15:31 – Individual investor to Institutional

16:25 – Where to acquire Notes?

16:44 – Classes of Notes

17:27 – Typical yields of the Notes

25:34 – What to do with non-performing Notes?

27:51 – What to know when starting in Note Investing?

31:45 – PPR’s fund premium returns

34:17 – How to invest in products on PPR?

39:47 – Difference between loan and mortgage

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