✅Compounding the tragedy of losing a loved one is having to sort out their finances. But if your spouse or parent had #debts when they passed, do those #debts pass to you? In this video, Attorney Eric Olsen, Executive Director of the HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm, explains the law surrounding the #debts of the dead.

Time Stamps
0:00 Introduction to Attorney Eric Olsen and the HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm
0:55 Normally, a spouse gets their late spouse’s property without probate when it’s jointly owned
2:48 A spouse is normally not responsible for a late spouse’s credit card debts
4:21 Credit card companies don’t sue the surviving spouse if their name isn’t on the card
4:57 The surviving spouse could take over car payments or let the car get repossessed if owner passes
6:12 Credit card companies could go over a credit card’s authorized user, but they are not responsible for the debt
7:21 In some states, spouse could be responsible for a late spouse’s medical debt, but senior’s income is often protected
9:20 If you marry someone with a lot of debt, you are not responsible for their debt
10:07 A child is almost never responsible for a parent’s debt
11:57 Nursing homes can’t have third-party co-signers, so kids are not responsible for those senior living bills unless they sign for it originally
14:43 How the HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm can help seniors struggling with debt
17:15 How to contact the HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm

Attorney Eric Olsen founded the HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm. HELPS stands for Help Eliminate Legal Problems for Seniors. The firm represents seniors, disabled, and veterans struggling with #debt. They educate these vulnerable segments of the population keep them from being harassed by #debt collectors, and much, much more. The firm, which doesn’t turn clients away for lack of funds, helps these people to use their protected incomes for basic needs instead of paying off debts.

When it comes to dealing with debt collectors, knowledge is power.

Finally, you’ll learn how to contact the HELPS Nonprofit Law Firm if you want their help. In this video, the former bankruptcy attorney explains whether you are responsible for credit card debt, medical debt, or other kinds of debt incurred by a spouse or parent. He also details how to contact his firm if you need help.

Jeff Hoyt is SeniorLiving.org’s Editor-in-Chief.

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