✅A video demonstration of Avaya enhancing a customer journey through their contact centre systems.

Recorded during Call and Contact Centre Expo 2019 this video shows how Avaya are aiming to revolutionise customer experience in the contact centre.

UC Today attended Call and Contact Centre Expo 2019, one of the UK’s biggest communication and customer experience focused events, to bring you interviews with all the industry’s biggest names.

Presenter Patrick is joined by Natalie Keightley, Contact Centre Product Marketing Lead at Avaya.

Natalie and some of Avaya’s contact centre specialists take us through a multi-stage demonstration of a potential customer journey through a contact centre environment. The journey begins with a customer interacting with a voice assistant, in this case Amazon Alexa, to begin an initial enquiry.

After an initial enquiry the conversation is then transitioned to a live agent in the contact centre, the Avaya system provides all of the context from the interaction with Alexa. At this stage Avaya also demonstrate the capability for active translation between different linguists to enhance communication between an agent and a customer who speaks another language.

At this stage the contact centre agent then needs to refer the discussion to a back office employee who is then seamlessly connected into the discussion through a UC widget. Unfortunately in this example demo there is bad news as an unexpected fee needs to be relayed to the customer. The customer, unhappy with this fee, then communicates their displeasure to the contact centre agent. Without any need for referral the Avaya technology recognises the customer’s displeasure, using sentiment analysis, and then automatically refers the conversation to a contact centre supervisor who can resolve the issue.

Natalie explains that the whole demonstration aims to showcase Avaya’s ability to seamlessly transition communication from a contact centre through to the back office of an organisation whilst enhancing the process for both contact centre agents and, most importantly, the customer alike.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Natalie Keightley from Avaya.

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