✅Notary Signing Agents deal with important and sensitive information. Learn about common document mistakes to avoid and inform yourself on ways you might overstep your role as an NSA: https://bit.ly/NSAmistakes.

Loan closings are significant transactions and require great caution from the Signing Agent. This workshop will teach you the common types of errors NSAs make, from document mistakes to privacy breaches. You’ll also learn how to “wow” the borrowers at every transaction so that you become a title company’s go-to Notary Signing Agent.

Presented by Angie Spier, Vendor Relations Manager at Stewart Title. Recorded at the NNA 2019 Conference.

Workshop Overview:

00:05 – Introduction and Objectives.
02:30 – Types of errors and best practices to avoid them.
13:37 – Common issues with loan signings and documents that frequently contain mistakes.
19:29 – How to become a “favorite Notary” with title companies.
24:20 – Negative feedback from borrowers and recap of best practices.

Not a Signing Agent? To learn more about the process, please visit: https://bit.ly/SigningAgentFAQ.

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