✅If you’re not quite sure how car finance works, then be sure to check out this video where I compare buying a car, to leasing and car finance options such as PCP and HP, this way you’ll know what option is best for you, think of it as a Car Finance Explained video.

Buying a car can be one of the hardest decision to make. Should I buy the car outright with cash? Should I finance a car or lease a car? If I finance a car, which type of financing should I use? PCP or HP finance?

This can all be very confusing, as its all very mathematical, especially when you include interest costs, admin fees, processing fees and everything else into the mix as well.

So in this video I go through in depth and debug everything around car finance. Splitting down all types of car finance, going through some worked examples and hopefully making everything as simple as possible.

Buying vs financing vs leasing a car;
Pro’s and con’s of buying a car outright – 00:00 – 03:31
Pro’s and con’s of HP car finance – 03:31 – 11:52
Pro’s and con’s of PCP car finance – 11:52 – 15:04
Pro’s and con’s of Leasing – 15:04 – 18:53

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