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Today we are looking at all the features and benefits of the Cash App Card. I answer many common questions that come up for using the cash app card. If you have a question I didn’t answer, leave it in the comments down below.

Time Stamp:
Cost of the debit card 0:47
How to get the debit card 1:25
Custom Card 2:19
What type of card is it 3:09
Timeline to get the debit card 3:24
Can I add it on Apple Wallet 3:40
Overdraft 4:22
Referral bonus 5:00
Discount/Boost feature 5:45
Discount applied instantly 7:48
Discount limits 8:48
Misplaced your card 9:31
Can I use it online 10:21
Is there a pin 10:45
ATM cash withdraws 11:01
Download transactions 12:25
Unauthorized charges 13:01
Cash App phone number 13:37
Replace debit card 14:37

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