✅New SBA EIDL Loan Increase Update Email from SBA. New information on increase from 150k to 500k. Find out how to get the increase step by step according to the SBA.

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Outline on the EIDL Loan Update:

Intro: (0:00​)
EIDL Loan Increase Amount: (0:32​)
SBA Administrator Speaks: (1:20​)
Email from SBA on Loan Increase : (2:18​)
Steps to Increase Loan Amount: (3:04​)
Tips & Tricks To Get Approved: (3:50​)
What documents are needed?: (5:00​)
How to apply for EIDL for the first time: (5:35​)
EIDL Loan Terms To Know: (6:03​)

So if you have not received the email for the increase use the steps outlined in the email to request an increase.

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