✅In an exclusive interaction with Shweta Papriwal, Editor, IIFL Securities, Mr. Monu Ratra, CEO and Executive Director, IIFL Home Finance Ltd (IIFL HFL) discussed about the upcoming NCD issue and growth plans of IIFL HFL.
Here is the Time Stamp:
00:00 – Opening Comments
00:21 – Welcoming Mr. Monu Ratra, CEO and Executive Director of IIFL Home Finance Ltd
00:48 – Details about IIFL Home Loans NCD issue
01:56 – On the unsecured nature of NCD issue
03:29 – Views on Green Housing
05:37 – How will the proceeds of the issue be used?
06:15 – How is IIFL HFL different from the peers?
09:25 – Future growth plan of IIFL HFL
11:05 – Outlook on Housing Finance companies
12:17 – Closing comments
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