✅Hi! I’m Ashiq Ummathoor. On my channel, you will find Entertaining and Technology fail videos. I love Vlogging and sharing my experiences with you. Subscribe to see more Fun on your feed! in this video i am going to show you how to purchase free products from amazon through Fake credit card. “don’t try this method, may your account will be block Permanently.

Que) Is it illegal to use a fake credit card number and a name off a credit card generator on Amazon?
Ans) YES! It is called FRAUD and THEFT OF MERCHANDISE OR SERVICES. When caught (and you will be) indited and put on trial, the odds are 99 to 1 that you will be convicted and go to jail and made to pay a hefty fine and possubly reinburse the people that you defrauded by using a fake credit card. Why would an adult with any brain at all even ask such a question?

Queries solved:
1) Are fake credit cards legal or illegal?
2) Do fake credit cards work on amazon?
3) What is Fake credit card?
4) How to shop products by using fake credit card?
5) Fake credit cards that work for online shopping?
6) Fake credit cards for amazon prime?
7) How to fake credit card payments?

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