✅This session is a part of week 9 of 3 months weekly webinar series that is “Empowering Finance Professionals To Play Business Centric Roles At The Forefront” hosted by Hun Of Finance Transformation.

Most of the finance functions today are realizing that they need to change what they had done in the past, modernize their infrastructure and move towards more pro-active collaborative models.

Historically, finance function was involved in preserving the business value, whereas now they need to focus more on creating business value by enabling finance function with the right mindset, people, processes and systems to drive key business decisions.

In this webinar, our speaker Mohamed ELRouby ACMA, CGMA, MBA, discussed about finance’s unique opportunity to add value to the integrated business performance management process, due to its unique access to and analytical skills with company data, to develop business insights for the benefit of executive an operations .management.

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