✅Transitioning from the asset inflation to consumer price inflation is what the 2020s will most likely look like, says Lyn Alden, one of the most sought-after investment strategists right now. Holding a lot of cash and bond-like assets might not be the best thing to do in such an environment. This year’s risk of the strange market conditions unfolding may peak in Q4, Lyn Alden warns.

0:00:00 FMI Intro: #Lyn Alden
0:01:55 Merging Engineering Background & Finance
0:04:18 Market Breaking Points & Control Dynamics
0:09:16 Growth vs Value Stocks
0:12:24 Gold & Treasury Yields
0:15:42 Market Volatility Reduction
0:17:42 Prudent Investor Strategy Going Forward
0:21:13 Biggest Market Fragilities
0:24:03 Critical Market Correction Signs
0:26:24 Dollar Decline Not Over Yet
0:29:39 Commodity Market Decade
0:33:19 Energy Sector As Inflation Hedge
0:38:10 70:30 Portfolio Ratio
0:38:48 Investing In Negatively Yielding Bonds
0:41:32 Digital Assets on Lyn’s Radar
0:44:48 Removing Fed Punch Bowl Effect
0:45:30 Most Reliable Inflation Measure
0:47:44 Big Problem of Economy Zombification
0:49:52 Fed’s Pedal-To-The-Metal As New Normal
0:52:06 Fiat Currency Debasement Concerns
0:53:21 Inflation Scenario In Deflationary World
0:56:11 On Wealth Concentration & Fiscal Spending
0:58:16 Govt Spending Effect on Economic Conditions
1:00:52 If Lyn Was In Charge
1:02:29 Lyn’s Final Thoughts For Investors
1:04:22 Where to Continue Following Lyn Alden

Lyn Alden has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in engineering management, with a focus on engineering economics and financial modeling. Alden’s website provides investment research and strategy, covering stocks, precious metals, international equities, and alternative investments. Whether you’re new to investing or experienced, there’s a lot here for you. Lyn Alden analyzes advanced topics for institutional investors, and also break many of those topics down for retail investors to keep track of what’s happening in terms of global macro.

The interview with Lyn Alden entitled ‘Finance Manager Interview #013 – Lyn Alden’ was recorded on April 22, 2021. The printed version of this interview was published in ‘Finance Manager’, the leading business weekly magazine in Slovenia.

Lyn Alden, interviewee: https://www.lynalden.com/, https://twitter.com/LynAldenContact
Bostjan Usenik, interviewer & producer of the channel: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bostjanusenik/
Photo courtesy: https://www.lynalden.com/

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