✅Stephen Liao is the credit card guru on social media. His Instagram handle is @Credit.

Stephen’s claim to fame on social media was promoting his ability to go from $0 to $3.2 million in credit card funding when he was 19 years old. He teamed up with Tai Lopez to help create a credit card funding course called Credit Mentor.

Stephen lives a flashy lifestyle like most social media gurus – flashy exotic sports cars, 22,000 square foot mansion, beautiful women, flame throwers, and private jets.

He is the credit card guru for a reason: he knows how to improve your credit score and boost your limits.

Credit cards can be risky if you use too much credit and can’t pay down the balance. Stephen focused on attaining 0% interest business credit cards and uses the rewards and points for his travel. He uses the basic script from the /r/churning community.

In this video, I provide the basic elements you will need in order to boost your business credit limits.
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Authentic or Charlatan: Stephen Liao | $0 to $3.2 MILLION in Credit Card Funding


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