✅The Greensill Capital scandal investigated: How an Australian country boy rose the corporate ladder, found the ear of British Prime Minister David Cameron and won over some of the world’s richest investors before it all collapsed.

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In the world’s financial capital, Australian Lex Greensill was every inch the corporate titan. With royal honours bestowed upon him by the palace, a multibillion-dollar company and a jet setting lifestyle, Greensill mixed with the rich and powerful on a grand scale.

Yet many Australians had never heard of Greensill until the company he founded came crashing down, sparking one of the biggest international financial scandals since the global financial crisis.

The financial strife has left a trail of creditors and investors in the lurch around the world.

With Greensill Capital now facing multiple investigations, many are questioning how this was allowed to happen.

Read more: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-07-12/lex-greensill-capital-investigation-four-corners/100279294

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