✅HDFC Bank Debit card EMI,Debit EMI is a new EMI method using which you can avail EMI on your debit card. You don’t need to have the entire amount in your account at the time of transaction and bank will not block any amount on your card. … Currently, EMI is available only on HDFC, SBI, Axis, ICICI, Federal and Kotak Mahindra debit cards.

✓ HDFC Bank Debit Card Eligibility Check – https://youtu.be/jxvt_uax87c

✓ HDFC Credit Card EMI – https://youtu.be/BEcL6rrOuvs

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Now you can convert your purchase into EasyEMI on HDFC Bank Debit Card without blocking any money in the account.

Simply swipe your HDFC Bank Debit Card at any store and walk out with your purchase instantly.

EasyEMI on Debit Card also available on Amazon, FlipKart and many other online sites.

Check your pre-approved Eligible amount.
Why avail HDFC Bank Debit Card EMI

No money blocked in account

No Cost EMI:

No need to pay Extra on leading brands

Nominal Convenience fee of ₹199 + GST

Convert your purchases in to EMI instantly

Flexible Repayment Tenure:

Avail pocket friendly repayment options from 6 months to 36 months

Instant Approvals & Disbursal:

Cut the waiting period and processing time and walk out with your purchase instantly!

No Documentation:

EasyEMI on Debit Card is hassle-free. Just swipe your card, convert into EMI and walk out with your purchase

No Down Payment:

Pay nothing upfront. Convert entire amount into EMI with 100% finance


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