✅VA loan FIRST TIME home buyer, Adrian & Nacole, review their HOME APPRAISAL with their loan officer, Bill Merren. But what is a real estate appraisal and why did the loan officer say it’s approved with conditions? What the heck does that mean!?

Special Thanks to:
The Hernandez Family

As first time home buyers, Adrian & Nacole are new to the home buying process and the steps to buying a house. Learning everything for the first time and you get to be with you in their home buying adventure! Yay! =)

Join the Hernandez as they progress through each step of buying their first home with a VA loan and learn helpful tips for first time home buyers along the way!

In episode 10 you’ll be with them as their loan officer, Bill Merren, breaks down the knowledge ina closing disclosure explained kind of way!
Welcome to Real EstateThe Untold Stories! | Episode 10 – Home Loan APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS? | Real Estate APPRAISAL Explained! | Home Buying Process

Adrian & Nacole’s story is a 14 part series that airs every Wednesday at 5:30pm PST from 15 Apr 2020- 15 Jul 2020.

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Bingworthy Season 2 playlist link for Real Estate The Untold Stories – The Hernandez Family Buys Their First Home https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRT4sgnCVqNeGP_G3bc0vaVFM3leUfdWy

Let us know in the comments section which first time home buyers tips and advice are helping you the most. Thank you.

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Adrian is a veteran of the USMC. They’ll be using his VA loan to purchase their new home. If you’re active duty or a veteran, you’ll how to buy a house with a VA loan during their series. If not, then you’ll see the home buying process from start to finish along with A LOT of first time home buyer tips!

Join Adrian & Nacole as they move forward through their buyer game plan meeting aka buyer consultation to closing day! You’ll be with them every step of the way as they learn how to buy a house, and navigate the maze of the home buying process with their trusted real estate advisor Andrew Finney!

Special thanks to:
The First Time Home Buyers – Adrian, Nacole, and their family of 4!

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The inspiration for this series comes from Andrew Finney’s experience in representing 170 home sellers/ buyers over the past 6.5 years (Late 2013- Early 2020).

This wouldn’t be possible without amazing courageous people opening their lives to the world to share their motivations, story, and goals with us through their real estate experience! From the bottom of my heart, thank you Adrian, Nacole and family! Ya’ll are awe-inspiring!

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Adrian, Nacole and their family ARE NOT paid actors. This is their real home buying story they wanted to share with you!

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