✅The complete guide to credit cards which explains everything from what a credit card is, everything about how it works, balance categories, credit limits, how fees and interest work and everything in-between.

There is a lot of information in this video where I try to cover as much as possible about how credit cards work starting with the application process and the way credit cards make decisions through to the different ways you can make payments.

If you are a beginner or new to credit cards and want to get the definitive 101 guide, this should help understand exactly how credit cards work and all the key concepts.

If you’re not sure what the credit card monthly cycle is, how different types of balance work or what trailing interest is, you’ll know everything by the end of the video.

Here are the key chapters – feel free to jump around the different parts to find bits that you’re interested in or go back to a part that you want to watch again.

1. Introduction – 00:00
2. What is a credit card? – 02:23
3. Credit card application process – 03:51
4. Types of credit cards – 07:54
5. The credit card monthly cycle – 09:10
6. Balance categories – 10:55
7. Credit limits – 12:54
8. Credit card interest – 14:06
9. Credit card fees – 20:29
10. Credit card payments – 23:43
11. What happens if you don’t pay your credit card – 28:30
12. Benefits of using a credit card – 30:20
13. Conclusion – 34:16

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