✅Home Equity Loan Calculator How Much Equity Do You Need For A Home Equity Loan or Mortgage Loan?

Why is knowing how much home equity you have important in mortgage financing in Canada? The amount of home equity a person has in their home is essential part of determining eligibility of a number of criteria.

In conventional mortgage financing 80% LTV is generally the rule to avoid requirements for CMHC mortgage insurance.

In B-Lending the calculation of home equity is used to determine lending guidelines for homes, condos & town houses. Generally up to 75% LTV or Loan to Value is what a B-Lenders or Sub Prime Lenders will lend up to.

Private Lenders or Home Equity Loans will use the Loan to Value in a home to determine their security in the real estate. Home Equity Lenders in Vancouver BC will go as high as 80% LTV or Loan to Value. As you go into smaller towns the loan to value will decrease.

If you are looking to see what loan to value you qualify for call your Vancouver BC Mortgage Broker Today:

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