✅Here’s the 5 Tips to Finance a car at a dealership that are explained in this video:
1. Find the Perfect Car
2. That You Can Afford.
3. A Co-signer Does Help You
4. Provide Required Income Docs & Provide Accurate ID & Other Requirements
5. Start with the Car! That’s What You’re Here For.

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Buying a new car is an exciting time! Sometimes we have anxiety because we are unsure of what’s needed for financing. Maybe we have bad credit, no credit, or we don’t know our credit situation.

The Auto dealership is the best place to go because we have options that some other places don’t have. We have a lot of many lending institutions and finance companies that specialize in every form of credit history.

My priorities for you are to help you find the perfect car that you can afford, and be in a good position in the future.

In this video, I outline 5 tips that will help you when you go to the dealership to finance your next vehicle.

1. Be Open Minded and Up Front

What ever your situation, make sure to share it with your salesperson. The more information they have, the smoother everything will go.

2. Be Prepared For Money Down or Equity
All banks like equity in the form of down payment or a paid for trade. Be prepared for a down payment. It’s not the dealership that requires this, some lenders do. It all depends on what financing program you’re going through. It’s our job at the dealership to present you with the best options for right now. There are some options for zero money down, but it’s best to have it and use it.

3. A Co-signer Does Help You
The co-signer option is usually confused. When someone signs with you, both you and the other person get credit for the purchase. I understand the want to buy a car by yourself, but if you have limited buying experience you may need a co-signer.

4a. Provide Required Income Documents
When you are rebuilding credit or buying for the first time, you need to have proof of income and usually a specific length of job time. Most first-time buyer programs require six months or one year of job time. If you are applying for one of these programs you must have the appropriate job time and proof of job/income. We will see what other options are available if you are just beginning your job.

4b. Provide Accurate ID and & Other Requirements
When you are rebuilding your credit or buying for the first time you will have to proof of resident or proof of name. This can usually be handled with an accurate Driver’s License. Make sure the spelling of your name is correct and your address is correct. You may also need a current utility bill (power, water, or phone bill). Be prepared with those in hand or be able to print them off.

5. Start With The Car! That’s What You’re Here For!
You may be tempted to let the salesperson run your credit and see if he can get you pre-approved. That’s usually not a bad thing, but you should identify the vehicle you want first. We try to serve you as quick as possible. If we have to go back and choose your car, it may slow the process down.

The preceding information is solely the opinion of the creator and doesn’t reflect the policies or opinions of Mitchell Automotive Group. The topics discussed do not pertain to any specific person or customer of Mitchell Automotive Group or Jonathan Sewell. Actual vehicle financing terms are based on guidelines and risk based pricing set by lending institutions. All vehicle financing is available with approved credit. Down payment may or may not be required based on guidelines set by the lending institution.

Please contact Jonathan Sewell for the specific and available financing options for your situation. Apply for credit in person at Mitchell Mazda & Lincoln. Actual rate may vary. A co-signer may be required according to risk. Please visit www.consumer.ftc.gov for information about credit bureaus and scoring.

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