✅In This Video I show you How to Get A Paypal LOAN
I’m not sure where you are in your business
But I believe sometimes as Entrepreneurs
We need that last boost of income that’s gonna help us

Paypal is a great reliable source
That you can get a Loan from if you are looking for a LOAN

The Process is Easy…

1. Go to http://paypal.com/workingcapital
When you get there, just be sure you are login your paypal account

2. Fill out the Application for the Loan
You Eligibility will depends on your business activity,
So no credit requires…

3. After Paypal review it,
It will let you know in less than 2 minutes if you are approved for the loan and how much money you are approve for.

4. Set up the amount of money you want
Once you do that you just need to send in the application

5. Paypal will contact you on the phone
After one of its investors accept the Deal

You then pay them base on your agreement
Maybe 10% of your sales as you make sales
Or you can choose to just pay them in full…

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