✅Other options to apply:
Online Member User ID Registration
►Savings Account Number – This applies to SSS pensioners. Enter the bank account number (must be registered in the SSS) you’re using to receive your monthly pension. It can be a Citibank cash card, UnionBank SSS Quick Card, or UMID-ATM savings account number.

►Mobile Number – It’s the cellphone number you registered in the SSS (not necessarily your current mobile number). Find it on your E-1 form or latest Member Data Change Request form (if you’ve updated your member records).

►UMID Card – Provide either your PIN code (which you got when you activated your UMID card in the SSS Information Terminal at an SSS branch) or your mother’s maiden name (as indicated on your birth certificate).

►Employer ID – If you can contact one of your previous employers, ask the HR for the SSS employer ID number. (If you’re an employer yourself, this doesn’t refer to your own employer ID number. Check out the next section for the online employer registration steps.); Household Employer ID – If you’re a kasambahay, you may enter your boss’s employer ID number.

►Payment Reference Number – Get this info from the latest official receipt issued to you when you paid your SSS contribution as a self-employed, voluntary, non-working spouse, or OFW member; SBR/Payment Receipt Number – Provide any receipt number found on the special bank receipt or the Contributions Payment Return (Form RS-5) paid within the past six months.

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