✅Hello Guys in this video I’m going to show you How to integrate payment getaway in your wordpress woocommerce website, and accept any type of payment methods like credit and debit card, internet banking, UPI and all type of wallet.
PayuMoney Website : https://onboarding.payumoney.com/app/account?partner_name=Shop+Lootera&partner_source=Affiliate+Links&partner_uuid=11e9-6cdd-f463c552-8de1-02ce887d94c0&source=Partner
The process and demonstration used in this video is performed on wordpress woocommerce shopping website. but more importantly In this video I’m explaining the requirement and process or deferent payment gateway sites.

If you are running a website and want to accept payment but you don’t have any business proof. then it’s default to find payment gateway who work for Individuals. and where PayUmoney comes. If don’t have any proof for your website or business you can create account on payumoney as a individual and start accepting payment.

Documentation Required for creating and verifying account. Aadhar Card, PAN card. Banck Account Cheque. you have to sign an upload all of these documents.

If you are not Indian or want to Accept payment worldwide then PayPal is very good option for you but you need business prof to accept payment.

PayuMoney : https://onboarding.payumoney.com/app/account?partner_name=Shop+Lootera&partner_source=Affiliate+Links&partner_uuid=11e9-6cdd-f463c552-8de1-02ce887d94c0&source=Partner

Shop Lootera: https://www.shoplootera.com/


Design Your Website Without Domain and Hosting

How to create shopping site : https://youtu.be/Qry6PBURNMg

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