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💡 On today’s episode, we chat with blogger and content creator Danielle Desir. If you’ve ever wanted to start a blog and make money doing it, this episode is for you!

Danielle runs The Thought Card, a profitable and growing blog, podcast, and YouTube channel. She’s also published three books on finance and travel. This is all while maintaining a full-time job! (link to her)

💰 Danielle explains what has and hasn’t worked for her, and gives you some shortcuts that will help you start your own revenue-generating blog!
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▶️ 2:05 – A Path to Success
▶️ 6:30 – You Have To Start! You Have To Start!
▶️ 11:10 – The Money! How to Make Money From Your Blog and Brand!
▶️ 19:20 – Why is Marketing the Key to Making Money?
▶️ 22:15 – COVID-19 Doesn’t Matter if You Have Good Content
▶️ 25:45 – Why a Paid Membership- Based Program Makes Sense
▶️ 30:45 – The Secret: Be the “And”…
▶️ 35:15 – How To Leave Your Full-Time Job Before You’re 45 Years Old

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