✅How to Survive as Mortgage Loan Officer in 2019 doing Purchase Loans!

In this 3 part series, over the next 3 days I cover the how to in surviving as a mortgage loan officer while going into 2019 with the current market condition and seeing the trends of purchase loans becoming the dominating force in our pipelines, I help Mortgage Loan Officers weather the storm and survive the market by understanding and adapting to the current trend of where the business is today!

In this 1st of 3 videos, I teach you how to properly engage with home buyers and how to position yourself as their expert so that you secure and capture their loyalty and trust and avoid being left at the end with no business to complete.

In today’s market, loyalty from our leads are hard to foster so by giving you 3 ways to properly engage with home buyers today, you’ll learn how to refine and remaster your approach so that you can not only prosper and thrive in the coming years but position yourself as a Top Producer with your company!

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Enjoy the ride and visit the other channels where you can catch more content that has helped thousands of loan officers through out the country become the Top Producer within their environment!

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