✅I’m going to give you 3 ways to do exactly that, turn a credit card into cash.

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1. Fund a Bank Account with a Credit Card
– Now this a technique a lot of credit card churning do to meet the minimum spend but its also something you can do to take cash out of a credit card
– And the idea is very simple, you open a new bank account with a bank that lets you use a credit card to fund the account

So Obviously:
– The strategy is to find a bank that allows you to fund your bank account with a credit card
– Then use that money for whatever you want
– If you find 2-5 banks and the average limit is around $500, you could potentially take out $1000-2500 fee-free

Tip: a lot of banks have changed the policy so make sure you do your research beforehand. And comment down below also if you know any banks

2. Cash Advance/Check/Direct Deposit to your bank account or cash from atm ( but if the amount if too high directly from a teller)
– Now this is the most direct way to take money out of your credit card
– And also the most expensive way to do it
– Because credit card charge one time fees and also higher interest rates for cash advances

Here are the details:
– Every bank is different and they set different limits, td bank lets you take 30% of your credit line in cash, and discover lets me take around 40% ( some other banks are less or higher )
– And the interest rate is around 24.99 ( so higher than your normal rate)
– And they charge 5% or $10 which is ever higher obviously
– You can find most of this info on your credit card statement

But here is how it works:
– I have 4 options: write myself a check and deposit it, Go to a teller and take the money out, or go to an atm or ask them to just deposit it directly into my bank account
– So in this case, if I wanted to take that $2,800, it would cost me 5% plus 24.99% annually
– So the bank would make the first year around 30%

Ps. If your statement doesn’t have the info, just call your credit card and ask them three questions: My Cash withdraw limit, interest rate, and fees.

3. Manufactured Spend + Balance Transfer
– Is when you literally spend money just to get cash or point
– Its like buying gift cards to bypass the fees of traditional balance transfer
– Try it out with a $25 dollar gift card first to make sure they don’t charge you cash advance fee ( Citi bank is known to do this account to doctor of credit)

Step by Step how it works:
– You want to have a credit card of course
– Then you want to open up a american express serve card ( its Prepaid debit card you can load money into and it’s free) I have the green one
– Then you want to go into a local store that sells visa or MasterCard gift cards ( try this out with $25-$50 to make sure everything works smoothly )
– Then you want to go to family dollar, Walmart, rite aid and a lot more places
– You want to tell them, I want to reload my American express card with a debit card ( you reload the American Express card with the gift card, and then transfer the money to the bank )
– And you’re done

Ps: be careful, scammer do this with stolen credit cards and stores are always on the lookout.
Here is a safety net: balance transfer for 21 months


Banks that allow Funding with CC: https://www.doctorofcredit.com/does-funding-a-bank-account-with-a-credit-card-count-as-a-purchase-or-cash-advance/

Full Video on Manufacture spending: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjurIcyUHIA

Prepaid card: https://www.serve.com/




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