✅How to turn CREDIT into CASH

You most likely have good credit and don’t know how beneficial it really is!

Last year alone over 7.6 million people in the United States disputed items on their credit in efforts to restore their credit.

Well if you have good credit you can be of service to the 7.6 million people in need. Once they remove the negative items from their report, most look for ways to build their credit.

The number one way to help establish credit is tradelines. Tradelines are the history that your credit card carries and reports to the credit bureaus. The government passed a law decades ago, that was initially intended for parents to help their children establish their credit.

Adding their children to their credit card as a authorized user, and when that is done the credit cards history would report to their child’s credit report. Giving them a positive tradeline to help them establish credit.

Well unfortunately everyone doesn’t have parents or family members to add them to their credit cards. So many people reach out to companies to purchase something that you have in your wallet!

Now when adding authorized users you never give them access to your credit card, it’s just for credit building purposes only.

Tradeline prices range from $350-$2,000+ depending on age. Now imagine if you could add 10 AU’s on your credit card for $650 a piece every 60 days. That would be a added income of almost $40,000 per year off of one credit card! Look up tradeline companies to see how common this is. 

Good credit is very important to have, but good techniques to generate cash is more important. This is how we turn a liability into a asset.

Do you have good credit, and didn’t know you were sitting on a gold mine? 

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