Nowadays, anybody could steal your PIN number with an infrared camera even if you cover your fingers when you type.

Scam Detector has been featured on ABC, CBC, CBS, BBC, Fox, CNET, etc. It is an award-winning mobile and web-based app that exposes over 800 of the world’s most notorious fraudulent activities. The app educates the consumers on how these scams work and teaches them on how to avoid them. The scams are grouped into nine categories: travel, auto, employment, social media, financial, online auctions, telephone, real estate and face to face.

Users can also search by keyword. Also, every scam can be instantly shared on Facebook, Twitter, or by email — and users are invited to submit their own scams to the app. The app adds new scams to its database each week.

Scam Detector’s official partners are the Better Business Bureau, the National Sheriffs Association, the National Crime Prevention Council, and the Identity Theft Resource Centre- and many others.

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