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Oloan is a simple and convenient credit lending product in which borrower can get the money within 5 minutes through easy operation and process. It is easy and convenient by using Big data and artificial intelligence to finish the risk control assessment.
Target users: aimed at solving daily capital turnover needs for those normal-waged earners, self-employed and blue-collar and other people. Those who have excellent credits are not required for collaterals and can get cash in an easier and more convenient way to solve their short-term capital needs.

Cities Accessible: Currently the following metropolis cities are accessible: NOIDA, New Delhi, FARIDABAD, GHAZIABAD BAHADURGARH, CHENNAI, KOLKATA, GURGAON, SONIPAT MUMBAI, GREATER NOIDA, BANGALORE, and later we are to expand cities in which individuals are avaliable to apply for our loans.

The criteria for applying loans
• Aged at 21 -40 years with an identity card
• Having a contact phone number

Product Introduction
Duration: 90 days (minimum) – 120 days (maximum)
Interest: 36%/year
Sample case: if you choose a loan of 1000 rupees for a period of 90 days, you will receive 950 rupees within 24 hours.


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2. Channel Provide only review of Loan App or company.

3. Channel is not responsible for any type of Profit or loss .

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Important to User :

Always Read Loan App or Platform Privacy Policy and Terms and Condition before Apply.


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