✅International Stock Tracker in Google Sheets

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In this video, I will show you how to pull INTERNATIONAL stock data into google finance! Many of you have been asking how to do this for months now and I finally figured it out for everyone! Thanks to Yahoo Finance we can pull international stocks data including price, market cap, dividend data, and more! In addition, I will also show you how to convert the stock currencies into your currency so make sure to watch until the very end!

🔷Google Sheets Functions:

🔸Price: =IF(A3=””,””,if(D3=”USD”,(GOOGLEFINANCE(A3,”Price”)),(index(IMPORTXML(“https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/”&A3,”//*[@id=’quote-header-info’]//span”),4))))
🔸Cost: =IF(A3=””,””,C3*B3)
🔸Value: =IF(A3=””,””,E3*B3)
🔸Growth: =IF(A3=””,””,(E3-C3)/C3)
🔸Div $: =IF(A3=””,””,SUBSTITUTE((SPLIT(INDEX(IMPORTHTML(concatenate(“https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/”,A3),”table”,2),6,2),” ()”)),”N/A”,”0.00″))
🔸Div %: =IF(A3=””,””,I3/E3)
🔸Currency: =IF(A3=””,””,if(D3=$K$2,G3,G3*GOOGLEFINANCE(“currency:”&D3&””&$K$2&””)))

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