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0:00 Intro
0:51 How to sign up in Metrobank Mobile Banking
2:35 Difference between Metrobank Online and Metrobank Mobile App registration
3:12 How to register in Metrobank Online New process

In this video, we will answer the following questions?
How to enroll to metrobank online banking?
How to enroll to metrobank mobile banking?
How can I check my Metrobank Balance Inquiry online?

There are a lot of perks in Metrobank Online, you can pay your bills online, you can transfer funds from Metrobank to other Metrobank account or to other bank.
Through Metrobank Online New, you can also open a time deposit account and manage your UITF funds.

Metrobank Online Banking brings new feature that we can utilize once you enroll.
Make sure to secure your username and password in Metrobank Online. You should also have an updated email address and cell phone number. All your OTP will be sent to either of these contact information.



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