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October 10 2012 – Finance Watch Conference “Financial markets : serving the real economy?” http://www.finance-watch.org/

Nadia Calviño is Deputy Director General for financial services in the Directorate General for Internal Market and Services in the European Commission. In her current responsibility she oversees the department’s work on all areas related to financial markets, banking, insurance, investment funds, audit, accounting, company law and corporate governance. She has held the present position since November 2010. She joined the European Commission in September 2006 as Deputy Director General for Mergers in the Directorate General for Competition.
In September 2007, her area of responsibility was enlarged to cover Antitrust enforcement, including cartels.
A career civil servant in Spain (Técnico Comercial y Economista del Estado), before joining the European Commission she worked in the Ministry for Economy occupying different positions in the areas of foreign trade, macroeconomic forecasting, economic policy and competition. She worked in this area for more than nine years; as senior antitrust case handler, Deputy Director General for Legal Affairs, Deputy Director General for Mergers and finally, from May 2004, Director General for Competition.
An economist and a lawyer by training, she has worked as a teacher of Economic Policy and the financial system in the Spanish University (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).

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