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Welcome to Business Insights Episode 11! #NPA #MSME #LOAN #BANK How to fight against Banks for NPA Loan Account Settlement.

In this Video, you will get detail insights on what to do when your account is NPA. And where you should approach to fight against the BANK. You’ll learn ways for npa account settlement at DRT Court and how to deal with Collector’s office.

About The Host:

Ajay Kumar Baid, age 57 years, is an Entrepreneur having 37 years of Business and Industry experience. Started business career in 1981. Promoter Director of M/s. Uniflex Cables Limited, a BSE listed company which is now the Cable division of M/s Apar Ltd. and has Cables Sales of 1700+ Cr for FY 18-19. Promoted M/s Anurita Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. with Aluminium Extrusion Business in 2009. Chairman & Managing Trustee of Shree Swaminarayan Vidyaveli Gyan Kendra School (CBSE). Industry Expert and Advisor to many known Companies & interests in reviving of Small Companies. A Visionary who foresees the Economical changes and how it will impact the Indian Industry.

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