✅Paytm add money from credit Card charges .
Finally Paytm is going to charge 2% for loading money to paytm wallet for classic customers.

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Paytm wallet charge 2% load money through CREDIT CARD:

Dear Classic Customer, 2% will be charged when you add money to Paytm wallet using Credit Card w.e.f 4 July 2019

What are the charges of Add money to wallet?
For Classic customers, a nominal charge of 2% will be levied on Add money to wallet via Credit card.
Who are Classic customers?
Customers are categorised as Classic customers on the basis of an analysis of their account usage patterns. A customer whose account is flagged upon observation of anomalous activity conducted such as circumvention of wallet to bank charges.

What is the difference between Classic and Privilege customers?
The difference between Classic and Privilege customers is based on the categorisation of customers that shall be levied the applicable charges on Add Money to Wallet via Credit Card. The Classic Customers are charged at 2% for Add Money to wallet via Credit Card; whereas there are no charges levied for Add Money (via any payment mode) to wallet by the Privilege customers.
How to move from Classic to Privilege customer?
Paytm Payments Bank will conduct a review of the customers’ accounts every six months and if no such anomalous activity has been observed therein during such period, then the customers’ accounts shall be converted from Classic to Privilege.

Otherwise, customer will continue to remain Classic customer, till the next review.


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