✅Here’s what you can do if you are self employed and got too much PPP money. PPP Loan Fraud is something you don’t want to do. Enjoy!

So here are the sites and resources to help with your PPP Loan and PPP Loan Forgiveness:
1) Rich’s Correct PPP Loan Amount Calculator for Self Employed (sign up to access a copy of the spreadsheet) – https://bit.ly/2GlpmqX

2) CIT Bank High Interest Savings Builder Account – https://richsmithedu.com/recommends/cit-bank

3) Schedule a One-on-One Consult Call with Rich Smith – https://richsmithedu.com/recommends/book-a-call/

4) Message to send to your PPP lender 👇

“Hello (Name of PPP Lender):

I am writing because I have concerns about my PPP loan, especially for the purposes of full forgiveness.

The SBA guidance is a bit confusing, so I am wondering the following:

1)  Was my PPP loan amount correct?

2)  If not, how do I give back any funds that will not be forgiven?

(Your First and Last Name)
(Your PPP Loan Number)

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