✅Watch our team of Gusto experts break down all the small business relief programs in the new stimulus package, including the latest with the Paycheck Protection Program aka PPP round 2, updated EIDL Advance grants, enhanced SBA loans, and expanded tax credits, like the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC).

When: Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 11AM PST | 2PM EST.

3:09 PPP round 2
33:19 Tax provisions and credits
42:15 Updates to EIDL
52:55 Other lending programs and relief
58:34 How Gusto can help
59:58 Q&A

51:01 — The slide states that borrowers aren’t authorized to receive an EIDL and PPP loan together. This is not true. Borrowers can take out both PPP and EIDL loans at the same time, but their proceeds cannot be used for the same purpose. This is clarified during the Q&A session.
1:18:55 — Workers’ comp CANNOT be included as part of payroll costs when applying for the PPP. Disability insurance costs, however, can be included.

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About the speakers:

Will Lopez (host) is the head of Gusto’s accountant community. He has dedicated his career to supporting accountants and small businesses.

Topher Reynoso is a founding member of the Health Insurance team at Gusto and currently leads Health and Benefits Compliance.

Shelly Abril leads Payroll Tax Compliance at Gusto.

Jeanette Quick is Head of Policy at Gusto. She was previously Senior Counsel to the Senate Banking Committee and Senior Attorney at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

About Gusto: Gusto is a people platform for businesses who want to take care of their people. Our products and services can help you onboard, pay, insure, and engage your team, in a single integrated, easy-to-use platform that’s loved by over 100,000 modern employers.

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