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Topics contained in this video:

00:00:00 Intro to QuickBooks Self-Employed Account (link)
00:02:36 – QuickBooks Self-Employed website account (home, transactions, miles, taxes, reports, invoices)
00:05:23 – Gear button and all his features (transactions, taxes, about you)
00:05:34 – Bank accounts (connect your bank and credit cards)
00:05:40 – Import transactions (manually)
00:05:53 – Rules (transactions rules) (create rule)
00:06:07 – Receipt forwarding
00:06:30 – Tax profile
00:06:52 – Vehicle info
00:07:00 – Healthcare profile
00:07:33 – About you (profile, accountant invitation, cancel trial, sign out)
00:08:52 – How to connect your bank and credit card to QuickBooks Self-Employed
00:11:03 – Categorize transactions
00:12:59 – How to add rules (how to create rule)
00:14:44 – Edit rule
00:17:16 – Batch transactions (select and categorize them)
00:24:52 – Go back to home and see your profit and loss and expenses
00:25:35 – Invoices (How to create an invoice)
00:28:56 – Reports (profit and loss report)
00:29:40 – Tax summary
00:30:17 – Tax details (excel)
00:31:36 – Taxes (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) Quarterly taxes and how it works
00:33:57 – Miles (configure your car) (turn on auto-tracking) or add a trip manually button and how it works
00:35:25 – Transactions (how to exclude transaction, add more notes, receipt option)
00:36:40 – Phone app and how it works (all features)
00:44:09 – Choose your QuickBooks Online plan

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