✅In a lot of my videos I discuss “real” and “fake” financial engineering degrees. This video covers in detail what I mean my real and fake. The main issue is that a lot of universities are cashing in on the “quant” popularity trends. Programs list their programs as financial engineering, risk management, computational finance, and etc. however the programs are really business analytics programs. This same issue is now shifting more to data science where TONS of programs are titling their program “data science” however they are general introduction style degrees.

“Real” programs are programs that I feel go into depth and specialize in one are. If a program diversifies their skills too much it is essentially an undergraduate degree and not a masters of PhD. These “fake” programs would have a lot better job placement if they listed their degree with the correct title. Students end up applying for jobs with similar titles however no one will hire them because they don’t have the right skills. A lot of these students end up in business analytics because that is what their degree is designed for. I by no means want people to think that “fake” programs are bad. Many of them have very good academics however they are promising students careers that they can’t deliver.

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