✅RingGo “cashless parking” makes paying to park so easy. No need for coins, tickets, queuing or hanging around in the rain and cold. Pay to park by iPhone, Android, Blackberry 10 or Windows Phone app. Or make a phone call, send a text message, use the mobile web, or book online through the myRingGo website.

No more “pay and display” through a payment machine or meter. Use your credit card or debit card instead.

View the video to learn how quick and easy it is to register and use “pay by phone parking” from RingGo.

Instead of checking for a pay and display ticket in the windscreen, Civil Enforcement Officers and parking attendants use internet connected handsets to check the vehicle registration number of vehicles that have paid.

Offered by local authorities, NCP and rail operators, Ringo is available nationwide, in London, Edinburgh, Bristol, Nottingham, Oxford, Portsmouth and hundreds of other towns and cities across the UK.

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