✅Understanding Objections is the first step to overcoming them.

Let this video change the way you look at Sales Objections as it does in changing the way you overcome them!

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About the Founder:

Daniel Nicart is the founder and content creator for SalesRemastered, a brand channel established for Mortgage Loan Officers and anyone interested in learning the Science of Selling.

Having studied the Sciences of Persuasion, Influence and Selling for over 20 years, he was fortunate to have been Mentored by some of the greatest minds in Sales, Marketing and Influence. Daniel brings to light the fundamentals of making a Sale without it being so much of a Grind.

Daniel teaches you the mindset needed to stay motivated, stay focused and adapt to a higher level of communication with Sales Leads.

In a rugged sport like Sales, it takes a certain Mindset, Work Ethic and Strategy to become a Top Producer and it takes continuous mentoring in order to consistently stay a Top Producer.

Daniel shows you the true Science of Persuasion, Influence and Selling!

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