✅Slim Wallet oiled Leather | Handmade Slim Leather Wallet | Credit Card Holder
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Traditionally, it is designed to store wallets, money, tickets and photos of loved ones. Now tickets and photos are stored on the phone and almost everything can be paid by credit card, the wallet is worn out and one cardholder is enough. However, the leather wallet is a personal feature that we attach to ourselves, the reassuring feeling of softened leather is much more attractive than the simple functionality of the card holder.

Paper money has shrunk for centuries and wallets have shrunk in size accordingly. Credit cards were introduced in the 1950s in the United States, and wallets were quickly exchanged. The proliferation of store cards and credit cards meant that wallets were filled to capacity and beyond in the late twentieth century, but now it is possible to pay bills on your smartphone, minimalist wallets have become popular. Unlike purses, which are often flashy fashion
accessories, wallets are a private and personal product that is often kept secret.

make Small Leather Goods: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_2MynEmRfO3-jzbrgXOo9MjJ_Bdz25gh

00:00 leather wallet review
00:16 Preparing a leather wallet pattern
00:36 transferring the wallet pattern to the leather
00:56 cut the wallet pattern from the leather
01:13 cutting the visual pattern of the wallet pockets
01:58 thinning of the leather
02:40 Application of glue to leather
04:07 staining the edges of the leather
04:53 leather edge creaser application
05:30 leather edge termination
06:09 merging the wallet
08:50 cutting off the excess leather of the wallet
09:20 termination of wallet edge
09:53 preparation of the hand for sewing
10:42 wallet, leather hand sewing leather
11:20 hammering the stitches
11:45 clean your wallet
12:28 leather wallet review

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Pull up leather – Greased leather – Waxed leather – Oiled leather

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