✅This video sees CEO Arthur Azizov take his seat on the Still Processing: The Future of Payments for Brokers and Beyond panel on behalf of B2BinPay, the company’s crypto processing solution. In this session, Arthur joins in a discussion on how with soaring number of new investors entering the market and trading volumes shooting up, a robust and secure payments system is more crucial than ever.

During the session, Arthur shares his views about innovation and disruption, recalling the early days of when B2BinPay was just a credit card processing company. He explained that getting involved in crypto transactions around the time Bitcoin hit $1,000 was one of the best decisions he ever made! Today, with over 450 B2BinPay institutional clients, the rest is history! Looking for valuable expert opinion? This video is not to be missed! Watch now!

02:33 We have here today, Arthur Azizov. Arthur is CEO of B2Broker
04:26 What is the new product, a new innovation that you brought to the expo today?
06:30 I think that the play in the market today between the different companies has to do with two things
09:44 On that day, a Japanese bank announced that they had issued new regulations for virtual currencies
12:01 When I will be able to pay for coffee through crypto… crypto will not replace but will become a very important part of life
15:26 What should the brokers consider when we are still talking about visa and mastercard processing
20:03 I always like to give the advice in one word and that word is knowledge
25:16 For clients who, let’s say, chose settlement or target currency as Fiat, we apply very high standard procedures
32:26 I think cryptocurrencies are here to stay, I think they are the future
40:07 I think we will see a bright regulated future in crypto one hundred percent
43:52 Where do you see the company and your products in a year’s time?

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