✅Glenn breaks down what to expect in the coming weeks and months as our nation — and the world — continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic:

-More and more groups will try to recruit Americans to join their efforts in protesting the government (be CAREFUL in deciding which ones you support).
-Strikes around the nation are on the rise — one organized by the working class in New York City are planning to skip paying rent in May…
-But do NOT skip paying your rent or mortgage if you can afford it. Do what you’re support to do. And if you cannot afford monthly payments, apply for unemployment insurance.
-Credit card limits might decrease, and the limit on your card may decrease without you even knowing it (be sure to check).
-Prepare for pension trouble: especially in states like California, Illinois, and New York.
-Food shortage: hamburger meat, chicken, etc. are going to become more expensive and increasingly difficult to find at the store as more meat processing plants close.
-We’re heading towards a global famine — the food supply WILL pick back up, but it may take some time.
-Be responsible…don’t use or receive PPE or unemployment money if you truly don’t need it.

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