✅There are many credit cards in Singapore, and if you chose the wrong card, you won’t enjoy the full benefits. In this video, I will show you my best 5 credit card in Singapore 2021. Enjoy!

►‌ Signup Citibank SMRT card and get $120 cashback when you spend $1200: https://www.citibank.com.sg/gcb/landing_page/creditcard/mgmreferee/index.htm?media=r335593673a-EM&ecid=MGEMNSGCCAENMG
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0:00 – Intro

0:45 – UOB One Card
This card is one of the best cards out there for most people. If you can hit $500 to $1k every 3 months, you will get 3.33% cashback, or hit $2k every 3 months to get 5% cashback.

You will earn additional 5% cashback for Grab expenses, like Grab Taxi or Grab Food, additional 5% on Shopee and Dairy Farm stores like Cold Storage, 1% cashback on SP bills. The card also gives you additional discount at Shell or SPC.

Most card won’t give cashbacks on insurance, but you can also use this card to pay to CardUp, to pay for insurance, which will earn you cashback. When signing up for the card, check MoneySmart and SingSaver for sign up rewards.

Use this card if you can hit $500 every month.

4:27 – HSBC Advanced Card
This card will give you 1.5% if total monthly spend is below $2k, if above $2k you will get 2.5%. Cashbacks will be capped to $70 a month. You can earn extra 1% by opening a HSBC Everyday Global Account, then deposit $2k fresh funds every month, and also charge 5 transactions to this card.

By signing up to this card you will have access to the Entertainer app, which gives you 1 for 1 deals on dining, leisure and travel. You will also get $200 e commerce purchase protection. The card gives you 21% discounts with Caltex and 14% with Shell.

Use this card if you are unable to hit a minimum spend of $500, or if you have a large expense coming up.

8:16 – DBS Live Fresh Card
This card gives you 5% cashback on online spend, 5% for contactless spend, and 0.3% for all other spend, each with $20 cashback cap. You need to hit a minimum of $600 spend a month.

This card has 20.1% fuel savings at SPC and 14% savings at ESSO. It has a lot of other perks like 1 month BlueSG subscription, discounts of Golden Village movie tickets etc. You can breakdown large purchases into instalments, and if the tenure is lesser than 6 months, there’s no processing fee.

Use this card if your expenses are spread evenly across online spend and contactless spend.

10:47 – Citibank SMRT Card
If your total spend is lesser than $300, you will get 4.7% on groceries, fast food, movies and coffee. For online spend, you will get 2.7%. For health and beauty spends like GNC, Guardian, you will get 1.7%. If your expenses if more than $300, you will get extra 0.3% on all your spendings.

For petrol, you can get up to 14% fuel savings at ESSO and Shell. For additional benefits, if you shop at FairPrice Xtra Kallang Wave, you will get up to 7.3% for groceries. If you shop at Pet Lovers Centre, Popular, and Toys R US, you can get up to 5% cashback. Get up to 1% cashback when you use Citibank One Bill to pay for your telco bills.

You can sign up to this card using my link, and get $120 cashback when you spend at least $1200 within 2 months.

Use this card if your expenses are low, and you spend more on groceries, fast food, movies and coffee.

13:09 – Standard Chartered Unlimited Card
This card is very straightforward. You get 1.5% cashback on all spends, no minimum spending, and no cap on cashbacks.

Use this card if you have a very large expense.

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