✅[2020-JAN-23 Update] FICO is releasing a new scoring model in summer 2020 to Lenders called FICO Score 10 Suite. This has new scoring parameters which make the Personal Loan Consolidation method in this video useless in maintaining a high credit score. See strategy #3* below for more info. See Screaming Lincolns video on new FICO 10 scoring model here: https://youtu.be/8XkobqjVpbY
Most Lenders still use older FICO versions, so it’s still far from widespread use. [2020-JAN-23 Update]

Credit Utilization is an extremely important credit factor to maintain a high credit score.

Why a 27-minute video talking about Credit Utilization Ratio? Because it has the MOST impact on a credit score, month-to-month, compared to the other 4 factors of a credit score. Knowing WHEN a Lender reports credit balances is the vital part of hacking Credit Utilization. Payment History won’t have the same significant impact as Credit Utilization despite Payments having 35% weight over Credit Utilization’s 30% weight. I explain why that is, in this video.

A few key strategies on maintaining LOW Credit Utilization discussed in this video include:

1. Knowing WHEN to make an extra payment to a credit card that gets used daily.
2. Having an effective credit activity scheme for credit cards that aren’t used.
3. *Shell game option – move Card Debt that can’t be paid to “safer” credit products.

*10:33 [2020-JAN-23 Update] FICO will be releasing a new FICO 10 scoring model summer 2020. This new FICO 10 model analyzes Consumers that use the Loan Consolidation method of moving their credit card debt to a personal loan. Consumers with business credit accounts can still use those business products to “shield” their personal debt, but the Personal Loan option in this video will be useless in preserving an increased credit score, IF & ONLY IF THE LENDER IS USING FICO 10 MODEL TO CHECK CREDIT. It likely won’t be used heavily as Lenders are usually slow to update their scoring models, but will eventually be used by more Lenders. So for now, Personal Consolidation Loan is useful. But remember to always pay down your debts! Don’t play the shell game without a plan to win it. [2020-JAN-23 Update]

See 11:50 for other option to Personal Consolidation Loan. This other option will likely be OK for years to come since business credit operates on a different reporting realm than personal credit.

NEVER spend beyond your means and stick to a budget plan. But sometimes life happens and having credit helps. In this video, I discuss what strategies can be used to maintain a low Credit Utilization Ratio, even during difficult times like job loss, divorce, DUI, disability/accident, etc. This can be very beneficial to someone looking for car loan, personal loan, or moving to a new place, because the credit score can remain high if planned effectively during troubled times.

Even though Credit Utilization is the 2nd most weighted factor of a credit score, its potential impact is the MOST SEVERE of the 5 total factors that make up a credit score. It’s important to have an effective strategy in place for all credit cards in your wallet. Use the information in this video to leverage your Credit Utilization Ratio and improve your credit score quickly.

Let me know in the Comments where you are in your credit journey and your experience with Credit Utilization!


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