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“I was looking for something I knew I’d want to drive, I found it here! we’re blessed to have customers like Glenn, Argentina & Manuel who have purchased a grand total of not 6, not 10, but an overwhelming 15 vehicles from us over the years 🚗🚗🚗… We’re proud to be able to serve the Sharpest Community, and to have fostered such enriching relationships in our 13 years of business! ✅✅ 😁🚗 Congratulations again to our friends on their Sharp Whips 🙌 Thank you to our all time sales manager Roger & our Owner Kevin for once again delivering the best in customer service, sending this team off in the right whip & with smiles across the board. We’ll be back slinging iron until 9:30 pm tonight, & taking care of The Sharpest Community now & forever! Stop by The Sharpest Rides we’ll help you take home your dream car 🙏 www.TheSharpestRides.com | #OpenLate #NumberOneFinancing⁠ #TheSharpestRides

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