✅The top 6 balance transfer credit cards I 2019, and if you do this right you could avoid paying normal interest rates of 25-35% for the next 9 years. Yeah meaning you pay close to no interest for the next 9 years all while increasing your credit score.

Top 6 Balance Transfer Credit Card 2019
3 Things to Consider
– Balance transfer do have fees
– You cant earn points for balance transfers

1. Citi Bank Double Cash Credit Card
Type: Cash Back Credit Card
Benefits: 2% cashback: 1% when you buy and 1% when you Pay (I like this concept)
– Promotion: 0% APR on balance transfer for 18months
– APR: on purchases up 9-month account to the mail
( Call and ask if you can get both the online and mail offers)
Difficulty to get it:
– Pre-qualified: 9 in 10 get accepted
– Ave score: Some people say 700+, but my mom got offers when she was at 670 ish
Balance transfer Fees: 5$ or 3% ( make sure this makes sense)
Link to offer: https://www.citi.com/credit-cards/credit-card-details/citi.action?ID=citi-double-cash-credit-card&category=balance-transfer-credit-cards&afc=1A6&intc=7~7~67~1~MCT~1~CMSDefaultOffer

2. Discover it Credit Card
Type: Cash Back
Benefits: ( plus 5% cashback quarter calendar ) and excellent customer service 24/7 American base
– Promotion: 14 months 0% for purchases and balance transfer
– APR: 0%
– Cashback match: at the end of the year they match all the cashback you’ve gotten for the first year. 300 well now it’s 600
Difficulty to get it: 680 – 720 credit score ( I got it when I had a 720 I think)
Balance transfer Fees Fees: 5% fee
Link to offer: https://www.discover.com/credit-cards/cash-back/it-card.html?ICMPGN=ACQ_HNAV_ALL_CC_DIT_CARD

3. US bank
Type: Long term Balance transfer Card ( in case you really messed up)
Benefits: You also get cellular protection lol ( 600 bucks if you lose or if your phone is stolen)
– Promotion: 20Month 0% Apr ( exclusively with nerd wallet) if not then its 18months
– APR: 0% also for purchases
Difficulty to get it: 680-719
Balance transfer Fees Fees: 3%
Link to offer: https://www.nerdwallet.com/card-details/card-name/US-Bank-Visa-Platinum

4. Amex EveryDay Credit Card
Type: Rewards
Benefits: 20% increase in point if your card 20 times a month
– Promotion: 15 months 0% APR balance Transfer
– APR: 0% also on purchases
– Sign up bonus: 10,000 points if you spend 1k ( remember you have 60 days to do the balance transfer, your first month you can spend 1k on on your expenses using manufactured spending) that way you win twice
Difficulty to get it: 690-850
Balance transfer Fees Fees: 0% which is weird and I’m not sure if its type or not
Link to offer: https://www.americanexpress.com/us/credit-cards/card/amex-everyday/

5. Citi Simplicity Card ( Tommy I want a longer time to pay it) Btw CITI team is doing a great job with marketing keep it up, guys
Type: No Fee Card
Benefits: No Late Fees, No Penalties, No annual fee
– Promotion: 21 0% apr ( absolutely Insane) Almost 2 years
– APR: 12 months 0% apr on purchases
Difficulty to get it: 690-850
Balance transfer Fees Fees: 5$ or 5%
Link to offer: https://citicards.citi.com/usc/LPACA/Citi/Cards/Simplicity/external_H/index.html?BTData=H5t.B.gAB6f.J.Bw0.MX4m.OUg.k0R.BJ.woI.Bj.Cd.Gy.E&app=UNSOL&ID=3018&HKOP=aedb97dc9239dcf280a2a2677225b75fc63be34862285d8a3f8348e6851ab70f&cmp=AFA~01~120201~CARDSACQ~NerdWallet&AID=13754774&PID=3842381&SID=e3f657694c2a4457a0388be000e4fbb4&cjevent=99ae68e3abc711e983b4028b0a24060f&ProspectID=F7E27A4CFE8847EA8495753D8267D634

6. Chase Unlimited
Type: Cashback
Benefits: you extended wanted and protection if you just bought an item and it got lost up 500$ and 50k per account
– Promotion: 15 Months no interest
– APR: same on purchases
– Cashback Promo: 3% cashback first 20k in your first year
Difficulty to get it: 700 + ( maybe) best bet is 750 and above
Balance transfer Fees Fees: 5$ or 3% fee
Link to offer:


Great Source: https://www.nerdwallet.com/best/credit-cards/balance-transfer
More: https://www.cardratings.com/best-balance-transfer-credit-cards.html



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