✅UAE Credit Card or Loan Defaulters – 7 UAE Expats Share Real Life Experiences

UAE is a country where Expats from all over the world come down to its shores with one primary agenda – to earn money, live a better life and send money back home to their families. And with this agenda, many UAE Expatriates take Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Car Loans and Mortgages keeping their financial goals in mind. However, some where down the line, some of them miscalculate how much they can spend and how much they can really pay back. And their positive optimism towards the future sometimes doesn’t work out the way they assumed it would. And that is where the problems take place. Losing a job, not being able to manage one’s finances and not being smart enough in planning for the financial future sometimes backfires. And that is where many Expats are unable to pay the banks & financial institutions the money they owed them. Which then begets the question – so what is next? What happens when you do not pay your Loans or Credit Cards in Dubai, UAE? In this video I share 7 real life stories from UAE Expats who took a loan and then were unable to pay them back.

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